Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cooking classes: I should probably hype them

I recently offered a pretty awesome cooking class at the Beacon Food Forest. We called it Cooking with Abundance. We scampered around the food forest, collecting leaves, fruits, berries, edible flowers, herbs, etc, and made some nice salads and stir-frys on propane gas camping stoves! I plan to do more cooking classes at the food forest and at the Northgate Community Center as some time slots open on my unfathomably complex schedule. In any case, the class was super adorable. Here are photos taken by Carla Penderock at the BFF:

Letting the class know I'm not going to teach

Picking wild peas and pea flowers

Checking out purple orach seeds

Stir fry 1

Stir fry 2

Any Berry Apple Salad with Random Greens

Lambs' Quarters garlic stir fry with day lily buds

Diana serving up the good stuff

Classmates sampling dishes

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