Saturday, October 7, 2017

Tired of those overly complicated blog posts about how to make dosas??

Yeah I think I've got it figured out. It's pretty easy. 

2 cups rice, one cup urad dal. 

Soak each separately all day, grind the hell out of each separately.

Mix it all together in a bowl with your hands. Add some water to make it batter-like. Put the bowl in the oven with light on, covered, overnight. In the morning it will have risen. 

Add a tablespoon of salt now, stir, and fry em up. 

The frying is basically thus: on medium high heat in a non-stick pan, fry em. Wait to the exact right moment to spread it out in a circular motion with a ladle so they're thin like you want.

Flip em.

Scoop off the pan with your golden spatula and fold up on a plate -- eat immediately.


rice n urad dal

Stuff has been fermentin'

Fry that jazz

Flip it over

Fold on a plate. Nom.