Friday, September 21, 2018

Egads, Some of These Book is Published....Time for Some Food Photos

 Here are some photos to go along with Some of These.

Better photos than mine that I've plucked from other people's posts include a URL so you can go there when you want.

You can see other pics that I already posted here when I originally received feedback that photos should be included.

I suppose you think I need to add more of my own photos to this post and explain more. Well, maybe when I am not in the throes of ADHD. I can promise to muddle along and add things when they occur to me. In the meantime, do let me know what you feel is missing, and I'll add it here.

Sangkaya Sticky Rice Buns

Palm sugar cooking - bonus video for the insane

Palm Sugar Blobs - The original in Bagan, Myanmar

"Husband and Wife" - see the quail eggs?

Properly sliced cabbage strips for cabbage stir fry

Curry paste in process. See the shrimp paste?

Khao Soi

Sticky Rice Bread

Easy Roti Jala

Fresh Rolls (photo from

Nam Kang Sai (photo from

Miang Kham (photo from

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Geez I'll Get to My Next Book Soon, OK

Alright, I swear that I have been working diligently on my next book, Some of These

Looking at my calendar and the rate at which I am moving, I believe it will be published in October. 

Until then, why not ponder a few of the exciting "illustrations" that I plan to include?


Cabbage slicing guidelines for the perplexed

Coconut RULES (assuming you use the good stuff)

Needs no explanation

Poor shrimpykins, soon to be paste-ified

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Eventually: Next Book Will Be Cranked Out

As I work on cranking through the writing and editing of my next book about Southeast Asian cuisine, I received a great recommendation. Given the cost limitations of the print media I am working with at this time, I should post photos of the recipes here on my blog. I'll do that. Here are a few to get your eyes, brain and taste buds coordinated.

Shaping an Eggy Custard Bun

Easy Ginger Blobs

Digging into some Burmese Fish Noodle Soup (Mohinga)

Sangkaya buns in the oven

Singapore Curry Puffs - baked!

Sticky rice bread shaping in progress (see, no flour for rolling)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

OK, Peeps, Let's Make Roti Jala!

Does this mysterious substance pique your curiosity? Learn how to make it by watching this very clear video here!

Before you leap to the video, you say, so, what is it? Roti jala from Malaysia. Eat it with any curry, perhaps a bit like how you'd eat curry with naan or paratha.

When I make roti jala, I let the batter set overnight in the fridge -- that makes it a little more delicate (same thing you do with French crepes, my dears)--but it's not entirely necessary.

I'll be putting a roti jala recipe in my next cookbook, which is likely coming out soon (Summer 2018), or whenever my hands can handle the agony of mousing around to format the final manuscript.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yo yo yo, how about that spicy Lao chili oil?

Everyone has been pestering me incessantly to post something new, so I found something to say.

I recently re-created this Lao hot sauce with tasty results. It's probably a little chunky some, but kabam, what flavor. Secret ingredients: shallots, man, shallots. And gobs of chili. It's similar to Lao Gan Ma Chili Sauce, but WAY better! I recommend trying it on everything that seems like a good idea.
Oily goodness

Slathered on some dry-fried tofu

On a khao jee sandwich w/plenty of mayo, veg + more fried shallots

My recipe? What? Inconceivable! You'll have to wait for my next drivel-fest, Some of These. Yes, I admit I am trying to focus my next book on Southeast Asia. Let's see if I can keep up my usual fantastic momentum. Until then, let your fingers make sweet love to your search engine of choice; look for something like "homemade chili oil recipe." You can do it, Duffy Moon.