Thursday, October 27, 2016

Semifreddo Discovery

Sugar, whipping cream, eggs, amaretto and candied almonds. What's not to love?

"All the wasted years!" - Squidward Tentacles 

Why has the world been hiding semifreddo from me until yesterday?

This recipe for almond amaretto semifreddo from Johnny Iuzzini's book Sugar Rush will "blow the classical music...out...your...butt"

See ya at Weight Watchers.

Empanadas Keep on Blowin' Muh Mind

Non-buns in the oven

Here is something I meant to post in November of 2015. Now that it's almost November of 2016, I guess I will get around to it.

I am a fan of all types of dumplings. pocket pies, samosas, wontons, ravioli, hambao, gyozas, whatever you got.

Empanadas are pretty special. Thusly, please bravely foray forth.

Begin with Andrea Ngyuen's book, Asian Dumplings. Make haste down the rabbit hole here.

In the photo above are some baked empanadas circa November 2015 where I was experimenting with different ways of sealing up the dough. I don't recall what was inside. I am sure they were great.

Thoughts from the Abyss

Why a blog if I never post to it?

Well, I say, why the hell not.

The problem was, I couldn't think of what to say. But now I realize, whatever, just say whatever.

And when it comes to whatever, there's a lot to say. Or, so you'd think...